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R-Class was founded in 1991 as a small elite studio crafting professional ballet footwear for soloists of leading Russian theatres.

The company has a professional reputation owing to the fact that all the workers brought great practical experience from their time in the Industrial workshops of the BOLSHOI THEATRE. Now, most of the academic theatres in Russia use the shoes with the “R-class” brand.

Over several years the studio has become a factory producing professional premium quality ballet footwear and successfully competing with leading manufactures of ballet products.

R-Class delivers the dance shoes to most of the Russian academic theatres and abroad.

1991 – company foundation. Creation of Classic collection based on Bolshoi Theatre pointe shoe models.

1993 - first delivery of R-Class products to Japan.

1998 - R-Class regional office was opened in the USA.
All products for the US market are produced under "Russian Pointe" TM.

2005 - The creation of Jewels collection.

2005 - R-Class regional office is opened in Europe.  European branch and warehouse located in Bulgaria;;

2007 - The creation of Spotlight collection.

2018 - The creation of RC collection.

In 2018 R-Class company has made the manufacturing modernization.

All the model names have been shortened to the special letter codes.

All the previous names since 2019 are used only for pointe shoes of Russian Pointe brand and belong to the eponymous company, which is R-Class Company partner and representative in the USA.

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